Welcome to Eudora tea

Our name,Eudora,is derived from a Greek word (εὐδώρον) meaning 'good gift.'We chose that name because we regard tea as one of nature's best gifts to humanity, and with that thought in mind, we devote ourselves to making tea of the highest quality and with the best taste and aroma,using Ceylon Tea leaves from Sri Lanka.

“In my own hands I hold a bowl of tea;I see all of nature represented in its green color..

I find green mountains and pure water within my own heart … I feel these become a part of me.”

Sen Soshitsu


Taste and aroma combine to make a great cup of tea.Ceylon Tea is grown at a high altitude in Sri Lanka’s highlands,which are characterized by high humidity,low temperatures and abundant rainfall.These conditions give Ceylon Tea a citrusy aroma and a lively and refreshing texture with sweet juicy flavor.Because of this unique characteristics,Ceylon Tea has been praised from around the world for its flavor and color.


A brisk,bright,aromatic cup of tea boosts the spirit and enhances the health of the body.

Tea is not just an ordinary beverage.A cup of tea is imbued with the loving labor of those who grew it.

It contains the story of the little things that happen in your everyday life.

It is steeped in our culture.In your teacup, you may see the highlands of Sri Lanka and ramble in the curving roadways and meet many lush tea bushes.Walking along the misty paths,you could meet the tea pluckers dotted among the tea bushes picking their tender tea leaves up and putting them into their baskets which hang over their head.

Eudora Tea takes nature's story of the misty mountainsides of Sri Lanka where its tea leaves come from and puts that story right in your teacup.

Nature's Eudora Tea will give you the gift of vitality and good health.